“No bad vibes.”   – Bill Wing

Thirteen Grippers arrived in central Oregon to see a couple of old friends.  The weather wasn’t great but time together was!

Many thanks to Bill/Elizabeth for hosting this event at their amazing ranch (we can be a *challenging* crowd).   Steve, you have a great pad.  Thanks for sharing your Japan adventure with us.

The video is under “Fugarwe Films -> 2014 Videos” or you can use this link:

A photo gallery from Wing Fest is now there as well.


2 thoughts on “WingFest

  1. I’m proud to say I’m the first commenter to the infamous Gripper Website. I’ve said it then and I will say it now: I wish I were a Gripper! If I could write lyrics, I would write a song entitled, ” I Wish I Were a Gripper”… la la. Help me out, guys.

    Anyway, viewing all the videos, this last trip to OR must stand out as one of your most important and memorable reunions. I am completely blown away to your commitment as friends and classmates. LIfe takes us in so many directions that many of us lose touch. But, not the almighty Gripper Group. I applaud you all, but a special shout-out to Jim Otto for his archiving expertise!

    Being the first commenter, does this mean I’m grandfathered in???

    1. Jamie – thanks for the kind words. Yup, you’re GF’ed in.

      If anybody else is interested in adding comments to posts, videos, etc., email me and I’ll set you up with a user id/password.

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