G-Pound Work Weekend

“I haven’t a particle of confidence in a man who has no redeeming petty vices whatsoever.”  ~ Mark Twain, 1865

The G-Pound work weekend kicked off Thursday, April 3rd under cool, damp conditions.  The weather got progressively better and by Sunday the weather was nearly perfect (sunny and in the mid 70s).  Butch, Walter, Cousin Barry, and your intrepid reporter made up the work crew and immediately got down to business.

The first and most daunting job was brush removal to improve the river view.  Fortunately, Butch contacted Watkins Tree Service to help us out.  On Friday they trimmed several branches around the cabin before attacking the brush obstructing the river view.  These boys “got r done”.  Along with Barry and Walter manning chainsaws (and other weapons of mass brush destruction), the river view has become (in my humble opinion) spectacular.  Check out the video link below for proof.

The other tasks we tackled included burning up an incredible amount of brush, power washing the deck, cleaning the barbeque, doing some trail maintenance, cleaning the skylights, sawing-up a two year supply of firewood, raking leaves, and draining all the tequila out of the liquor cabinet (no small feat).  During the weekend we also managed to put the hurt on the GFR beer surplus and have time for a community outreach excursion to Simon LeGree’s.

All in all, it was a very busy and successful work detail.  I have mostly recovered from the poison oak, abrasions, contusions, hangover, and exhaustion.  Many thanks to Butch, Barry, Walter, and Watkins Tree Service for kicking serious butt!!  See y’all at the G-Pound.

The video is here.

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