Gripper Fall Ride 7

This year’s GFR was BIG with 30+ riders, SAG support, and EHS alumni sightings.

On Thursday a contingent of Grippers made the traditional happy hour raft trip down the Trinity River.  The Friday morning Gripper-Flagsendoff from McKinleyville had the Grippers riding a modified route over Kneeland to Maple Creek.  Along the way the boys took in a tour of Wing Inflatables, paid a visit to Mary and Dr. Jack, and made a pit stop on Kneeland at Weldon’s place.

The next day it was the traditional ride over Lord Elis and Berry Summit.  A few hardcore riders continued up Horse Mt. with intentions of completing the journey to the G-Pound.  However, various factors contributed to nobody completing the entire ride with the main one being a lack of enthusiasm to climb 7000′.  Larry had a nasty mechanical and had to SAG in.

But hey, the weather was good and the vibes better.  Ask the Chairman about the new Gripper brownie recipe.  He “highly” recommends it!

Thanks to all who contributed content for the video, especially Dave M and Krikor.

Checkout the video HERE.