8th Annual Gripper Fall Weekend


From the Chairman of the Board

Oct. 26, 2016

To the Gripper World,

A couple of things to write about here. First, as many of you may already know, our patriarch Jack Walsh passed away from this world last Saturday. His services are at Sacred Heart church in Eureka this Saturday at 10:30.

The second item to pass along was the rousing success of the Gripper Fall weekend. Although we had not intended to do much riding, Butch decided that we just had to see Jens Sund’s cabin at the top of Friday Ridge. The distance wasn’t too bad, but the 14 miles up was a killer (at least for me.) At a pace of 4.2 miles/hour it was going to take me 4 hours just to get there, AND then of course we had to ride back. The views were spectacular; it was clear enough to see Mt Shasta looking east and the ocean waves2016-gfr8-other_07 breaking on the beach near the mouth of the Mad River to the west. This was just Thursday and I was already dragging. ….. Note to self – TRAIN! Every day the weather was beautiful; sunny and warm but the rain would move in the following week. Friday we started on time (late) for our ride to Willow Creek going over Campbell Ridge Road at Salyer. It was a little challenging, but this is what we had planned for. We were able to have the time to ride to Mike Bode’s cabin and enjoyed our lunch on his deck being amazed at his gardens and the serenity of his piece of the Trinity. After lunch we SAG’d to the Golf Course and hacked the grass into submission for 9 holes. Hank was the tournament director and of course nothing went wrong. Saturday, another unplanned ride to the Canclini “ranch” on the South Fork road. This was another treat. Just stepping back in time. We had to hustle to get a very short river trip in followed by a BBQ at Reed’s followed by a rousing pickle ball tournament (doubles cause we’re over 60.)  drjackgettingair

Anyway, a lot of fun, lots of activities and of course good food. We had a sing along after Saturday’s dinner with Johnny and Bill trying to keep us in tune and on rhythm. Total attendance this year was 28, with some Grippers showing for just one ride or dinner, but it was great to see everyone.

Hiouska to Jack and all of the other Grippers that have preceded him. We miss them all.

Love ya, Tom

 The Fall Ride video is HERE.