Mission Statement

Horse Mountain Grippers (HMG)


Values:     Fidelity and a Positive Legacy for the HMG

PurposeThe Brotherhood of HMG

Business:  Community Service

The Horse Mountain Grippers exist to enjoy and expand our unique brotherhood through recreational pursuits, inclusive fellowship and service to our respective communities.

We honor who we are, and whom we aspire to be, by collectively embracing our common origins and envisioned future on behalf of everyone whose guidance, support and goodwill have propelled us to develop into men whose good fortune is freely shared.

It is through these tenants that we commit to forging a lasting positive legacy for the Horse Mountain Grippers, our families and those whose lives we are privileged to affect.

Motto:  (Italian for “Pledge”).  “An expression of the guiding principles of an organization/family/group/etc.”

Our MottoE Pluribus Grippem  (Out of Many – Grippers)



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